Untempered Schism Podcast #63 – Planet of Giants

The Untempered Schism Podcast returns to the days of the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbra as they visit The Planet of Giants (which might just be Earth) only to find themselves standing eye to eye with a number of insects. Fortunately the bugs are dead, unfortunately it’s because of a new and highly toxic pesticide. To make matters worse they arrive just in time to witness a murder, but how much can you really do when you’re an inch tall.

We have a review from Brent Johnson of Planet of Giants too, and his podcast – Doctor Who: The Quest is the Quest – can be found at https://itunes.apple.com/podcast/id597314146

And as a bonus, we have a quickly mini review of the Second Doctor novel, World Game – http://amzn.com/0563486368

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Duration: 21:05

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