Episode 89 : Arc of Infinity

The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa have returned, taking the change to do some much needed repairs on the TARDIS at least until they are pulled into another round of messes on Gallifrey. This time the Time Lords are worried about someone stealing the Doctor’s body… so the logical choice is to kill him. At the same time Tegan is running around Amsterdam  looking for her cousin, and naturally both of these events are connected.

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Duration: 26:48

Major server problems

This past Thursday (April 10), the server that we host the podcast from suffered a catastrophic disaster. Hardware failure, software failure, and corrupted backups. Basically, anything that could have gone wrong… did. And since this is my server, it basically falls down to me to take the blame, apologize, and rebuild from what we have left.

Fortunately, as far as the podcast goes, we have all the episodes stored offsite, so will be able to re-upload those in due course.

Please be patient as we try and get things working enough to push out the podcast once again.